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Welcome to Vanimar - the true meaning of home on Laurelin. We are an elf-only, lore-heavy kinship, who try to stay as faithful as possible to the works of Tolkien.

Most of our members are very familiar with professor Tolkien's work, especially The Silmarillion, which describes the history of the elven people and inspires our kinship. We have regular role-playing events and storylines within the kin, all of which are based around an intimate knowledge of Tolkien's lore. However, we do not enforce our members to roleplay their characters all or even most of the time – instancing and questing, for example remains out of character. In fact, we prefer to keep our kinship chat completely roleplay-free, as we see it as the best way to socialize with one another and get to know each other a bit better. If you love Tolkien, love roleplay and love being able to play an instance without having to be in character, you definitely could feel at home with us.

About Vanimar

Vanimar, a house formed of the survivors of Gondolin, has preserved its status as a predominantly Noldor house, and until recently was located close to the havens both in Beleriand and Lindon. Throughout the second age the House remained loyal to the king and grew, accepting those who sought shelter and protection. Since the beginning of its history, Vanimar has revered and prized the traditions of the Exiles. The House has always preserved the High-Elven speech, the secrets of crafting, and many songs from beyond the seas.

In the Third age of Middle-earth, following the significant events taking place involving the ring-bearer and his famous company, the Elves of Vanimar abandoned their homesteads in Falathlorn, and moved either openly or discreetly into Imladris. As the shadow grows in the east, covering all free lands, Vanimar elves stand ready and willing to take part in their share of the burden. They ensure the roads are kept open and provide safe passage to the travellers, sending combat patrols to the nearby plains and bolstering the valley's defences if the need should arise. Elves of Noldor and Sindar under the Vanimar banner prepare for a war long after their days of glory have passed!

For more information about Vanimar and the house's procedures, check the Sacred Scrolls section. To find out about the four main divisions of Vanimar, see the Orders of Vanimar.

For stories and adventures by our members, visit us at the Laurelin Archives.
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9th Annual Elven Ball and 10th year Vaniversary

One evening, two celebrations as the Annual Elven Ball coincided with the 10th year of the kin on Laurelin

Order of the Fountain restart

After a long period of Hiatus, the Order of the Fountain has been reformed under the guidance of Himwen

Lindamar plays at Weatherstock IX

the elven band Lindamar participated to Weatherstock IX, along other 18 bands, the yearly event organised by Lonely Mountain Band on Landroval

Lilthad am-Ethuil Sûl -- Concert in Rivendell

Lindamar presents a concert with elven themed songs celebrating the change of a season.

Linnad am-Meleth

As spring approached, all elves and elven friends were welcome to celebrate Linnad am-Meleth with Lindamar through elven music and lyrics.

8th Annual Great Elven Ball

It has been eight years since the first Great Elven Ball. The event, the surroundings, the music, the dance have all evolved in its 8th year.

The Frozen Path

Vanimar responds to information concerning certain plans of the Angmarim. This means traveling to far places to strike at the heart of the threat.

Feast In-Gathering

When the nights began to turn cooler, and the stars' light brighter and longer, a great feast was held a little way out of the Valley

Journey to the Hithaeglir

Vanimar's efforts in the Hithaeglir did not go entirely as planned despite an abundance of tea.

Fête and Fatality

The wine was passed, and more bottles opened; the honoured guests were greeted, and all drank, ate, talked, and danced to their hearts' delight.