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Rainith / Jun 28, 2013
Members of the House have gathered in Rivendell this week to remember the lessons our past can teach.

The Order of the Harp, led by Lady Miste, began the event with a reminder of the tragic tales from the Fall of Eregion, while those gathered were encouraged to remember their own parts in these past events. Lady Miste then invited those present to reflect with wisdom on how the lessons of the past can be applied to the troubles of the present.

For a full account of one member's recollections of the event, please see the retelling here.
Rainith / Feb 11, 2013
In the depths of winter, the call to gather in the mountains of Ered Luin came to Rivendell, and for the first time, Vanimar has answered.

The invitation to gather was sent by Duinn Muninn's son, Frerin's son of the Lonely Mountain, who sent out an invite to all those willing to participate in the protection and collaboration of all free folk. Vanimar was glad to send a delegation to share news and plans for future activity, joining members of an unconventional organisation known by some as the Eldariant Alliance.

The gathering was hosted by the dwarves of Thorin's Hall, but attended by representatives from all the free peoples. Vanimar's own delegation was led by the resourceful ambassador Parnard, who has quickly become known among his kin for his silver-tongued ways - a master of words, and one amply suited to such missions. He was accompanied by guards of the Order of the Fountain, who steadfastly protected him from many dangers on the route.

Parnard's excellent and faithful report of the event can be read here.

Rainith / Dec 10, 2012

In an event that has become a grand tradition, Vanimar tonight cast its troubles aside, to celebrate the 5th Elven Ball with its kinmembers and friends.

The elven band Andunie, containing several members of Vanimar among its ranks, entertained the guests with a variety of beautiful music and fun songs. Even the greatest and grandest among the guests found themselves joining the dances, and giving in to the enjoyment of the evening.

Vanimar would like to extend its warmest thanks to all those who came and celebrated such a joyous evening in its Halls. Special thanks must also go to Andunie for their excellent music, Volina's catering team for their hard work throughout the night, and all those who devoted time and energy to making the event such a success - whether as hosts behind the scenes, or guests who truly brought the evening sparkling to life.

Images provided by Parnard of Vanimar, and Tingruviel of More Awesome than Mordor
Rainith / Dec 10, 2012

Strange things are afoot in the valley, as a small group of travellers are known to have left in the early hours in the morning.

The group departed with little notice and much secrecy, leading some to speculate on what their errand may be. It is known that they are led by Lady Danel, who has gathered around her a rather unusual set of fellows. Estarfin's accompanying her may be expected - many in the valley know of their shared past and entwined loyalties, and the scout Belegos is often in close companionship with both, and a useful fellow on any journey through the wilds. Yet with them travel Rainith, newly appointed Caun of Vanimar, and her friend (some say servant) Parnard. Perhaps more surprising was the absence of Rainith's husband Galdorion from the group - their friends say they are rarely seen apart. Whatever the cause of this journey, it must surely be urgent to create such a split.

Those who remained behind had many rumours to pass on - some even claimed that Parnard was so deeply in debt to the vintner, Sogadan, that the group had left to seek a dragon's horde, as the only means by which he could repay what was owed. Others spoke mysteriously of wolves and dangers beyond understanding, and a fight between Lady Danel and Estarfin which was perilous, and near led to the Lady's destruction.

Whatever the truth may be, it is certain that this group plans for a dangerous journey ahead, and undoubtedly whatever they plan, they will face challenges of many kinds in the lands beyond the valley.

Anglachelm / Dec 09, 2012
Dear Kinsmen,

It is evident that the kin roster seriously needs an overhauling. Our standards in kin activity and the current state of the roster sadly does not match. In order to present a more active roster we time to time urged you to cope with the kin schedule in activity and Oaths. On behalf of cauns, I thank you for ze cooperation.

Announcing now on Dec the 9th that we will employ a standard "Das Boot" procedure to the kin Roster one week from now, on Dec 16th. IN that case :

Recruits those who haven't logged/Inactive in last 30 days.
Recruits those regularly logging on, but haven't swear an oath since 60 days of their recruitment date.
Members over 160 days of inactivity. (with the exception of 2 ancient founding members and an ex Tur)

Will be kicked from Vanimar.

If you have a special condition that would affect our boots please reach to any Vanimar caun at earliest convenience and state your situation. We are all humans behind the screen and can understand that RL/Family/Education/etc comes first and present you a solution.

Those who don't care and busy enough to care or doesn't have a moment to log in to the site to get the news (in last 30 days) can get the news when they log in and reach us to revert our decisions. We'll listen them too.

In a week... The boat is ready to go !

Rainith / Oct 08, 2012

Vanimar celebrates its rejuvenated strength today, as the Order of the Arrow is revived under the leadership of new Caun Farasilion.

Founded by Earinlin, the Order had previously operated under the watchful eye of Lord Galendil, until business elsewhere took him from Vanimar. At that time, the Order was shelved, and members dispersed to other companies within the House, some of them clearly concerned about whether this would be a beneficial redeployment. The Order of the Arrow remained dormant for some time, until eventually the able hunter and scout, Lord Farasilion, stepped up to take charge. He was entitled a Caun of Vanimar, and given the banners and artifacts of the ancient order. Now the Order is gathering reinforcements to its revived banner, and many of its old members have come joyfully back to serve Lord Farasilion. In such times as these, scouts and archers have never been more valuable, and Vanimar is glad to have the Order renewed and ready to serve.

Rainith / Sep 09, 2012

The Order of the Hammer has been drilling in the valley of Rivendell in preparation for a new deployment.

The residents of Rivendell were treated to a dramatic sight recently, as the Order of the Hammer took part in a variety of drills and spars to prepare for an upcoming deployment. The Order will be sent to the Mountains above the valley on patrol, as a further test of their martial valour, and in order to keep the surrounding areas safe. Lord Veryacano and the sergeant Ancalasse will be leading the deployment, and the Order anticipates great success.

One other surprising piece of news arose from these drills. Accused by the acid tongue of the new recruit Nirhen, Themodir found himself faced with questions from Lord Veryacano himself about his level of commitment to his duties. When Lord Veryacano found himself unsatisfied, Themodir was immediately stripped of his rank - demoted to inactive duty indefinitely! Rumour has it that this conflict arose from his love of Lady Manadhlaer, and none of his comrades can tell how Themodir will balance these competing duties. For now, he must wait in the valley while his fellows march out on active duty.
Rainith / Sep 09, 2012

Vanimar has been glad to hear the Oaths of two more recruits in the past month, further increasing its number of sworn members.

The first to take her oath was the elf-maiden and musician Lisseren, a new acquaintance of House Vanimar, but well-liked already for her sweet ways. Lisseren's Oath was an occasion of much celebration, although there were some strange events involved when Daegond offered to witness her Oath. The Hound claimed to have seen Lisseren's face in a dream, and decided to witness her words as a result. What this may portend is as yet unknown.

The second Oath was sworn by Lady Danel, a long-time friend to many of the House, and well-known in the valley of Rivendell. Once again the Hound Daegond was eager to witness the Lady's words, although this time in less peculiar circumstances. Many of the Order of the Hammer in particular seemed keen to hear her words, but Daegond claimed former comradeship with the Lady, and she was proud to stand alongside him and speak her Oath. Lady Danel is known to be skilled with both blade and diplomacy, and will undoubtedly make a valuable addition to Vanimar's ranks.

Both new Oathsworn members are welcomed warmly by Vanimar, and it is clear that both will have key parts to play in the days ahead.