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Elloen / Nov 25, 2018

Once again, the Elves and Elvellyn had gathered to celebrate in the kin house of Vanimar, but this wasn't just any party. It was the tenth annual one with special treats, such as an enormous cake (on which Daegond tried to mountain climb) and a dazzling fireworks show.

Loth i Lonnath had also arrived to the celebration.

The bands performing were Polnolunie and Lindamar.

The event was held on November 24th, 2018

Here is the video of the event:
Elloen / Nov 18, 2018

The company rode through the night from the camp in Eregion, wishing to meet their own beds and a bath before them. There were no enemies seen to mention as it was strangely quiet. The work of Celephindir and Tindir, perhaps?

They met the horses they left in the Elf camp and rode them back into the valley. After they arrived they were too tired for a bit of wine in the Hall of Fire, and so they went straight to the realm of dreams.

The event was held on November 18th, 2018
Elloen / Nov 12, 2018

The company's visit to Lórien had come to an end once it was discovered that both Celephindir and Tindir are alive and on the way back to the Valley, though it took many scoutings and reunions to discover it was so. As for the dwarf Jarpr, his actions still remain a mystery.

The company left once it was known that the Lady Galadriel knew about the poisoned birds. They left with heavy carryings and took swift horses but to no further destination than near the pass of Caradhras.

When Himwen along with Rilaeril and Carniquessë started to dig the pathway open again, Elvealin had time to build a snowman, partly because of passing time and as a message to her father Fëamíril that they had managed to pass through the path. He would follow the company to the Valley along with Wenyalissë within day's reach if all goes as planned.

Once they had crossed to the side of Eregion, they set up a camp to the greener heights of Redhorn Pass, enjoying the bits of genuine Lembas and the rabbits that Carniquessë had hunted.

This event was hosted on November 11th, 2018
Elloen / Oct 18, 2018

The stay in Lothlórien had been pleasant. The precious Mallorn honeycombs and the lore of bees had been received, Ealendil had studied the past of her parents with the help of her aunt and Elvealin's father Fëamíril had made a feast out of the boar that the company had hunted. New friends were met, as well as the old ones such as Himwen's trainer Wenyalisse.

One question remained: where was Lord Tindir? It turned out that he had tried to send messages to Himwen, but the small birds delivering messages in Lórien had been poisoned with the juice of poisonous berries. It also turns out that the dwarf Jarpr is alive but no one knows the reason for his strange behaviour.

Someone does not want the company to know what is happening...
Elloen / Aug 19, 2018

After much digging through the pass of Caradhras, the company had finally arrived to the sweet Lothlórien. Though as much as was suspected, the orcs fleeing from Moria were moving towards Lórien.

Even if so the borders of Lórien held. Nienorë was taken on a horse to Caras Galadhon and got lifted on the talan of healers with a pulley. There she would get the care that she has needed for a long way.

The event was hosted on August 19th, 2018
Elloen / Jul 24, 2018

Lindamar performed in Weatherstock of Landroval for their second year, with stars and fireworks around them.

After many rehearsals and being able to give a sneak peek of the Hymn of the Pillar, it was once again a pleasure for the band to perform there.

The performance video can be seen here.

The event was taken part in on July 21st, 2018