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Carniquesse / Nov 19, 2017

It has been nine years since the launching of first Great Elven Ball. Which started as a one shot, modest and elven centric RP dancing event, aimed to quell hostility and bitterness that was prevalent in the Elven RP back in 2008. And since then and as the years passed it was turned into the longest lasting and (possibly) the largest synchronised dance events in LOTRO. Vanimar proudly presented the Ninth this year, and this same year marked the 10TH ANNIVERSARY of the kinship on Laurelin

(event hosted the 14th of November)
Carniquesse / Jul 22, 2017

after many many days of rehearsal...

On July 21st, on Landroval, Lindamar graced the summit of Amon Sul with other 18 bands to rock the day at Weatherstock! The biggest annual concert organised by the local kinship Lonely Mountain Band. Music was heard, lyrics were sung, and records made for another memorable day in the history of Lotro

watch the twitch stream here:
Carniquesse / May 14, 2017

“Hae ephadron theri thaur, aphado nin ennas”
“I go walking beyond the forest, come with me there”

“Up into the night where the world falls away, and the white light of forever fills the air”
“Am na dhû ias fîr i ambar, u, a trehil i 'alad 'lân uir tri 'wilith”

Lindamar, the ensemble of Bar-en-Vanimar, presents a concert with elven themed songs celebrating the change of a season.

As the season changes, and warmer winds brings whispers of joy and merriment, all Elves and Elven-friends are welcome to celebrate Lilthad am-Ethuil Sûl with us, themed through elven music and lyrics.

Bring you favorite kites with you and let them fly high, dancing with the wind, during the concert to be part of the celebration.

Join us in a musical and poetical experience of the wondrous beauty of Arda, to praise all that which belongs in the light and binds us together, and that speaks of greatness yet to come.

((hosted May 27th, see the chronicle))
Carniquesse / Apr 28, 2017

“Law-iston bí amarth dâf aen erthad ammen”
“I know not if fate would have us live as one”

“Egor phí nam manadh me gwennin”
“Or if by love's blind chance we've been bound”

As spring approaches, bringing renewed promises of hope, and life is reborn, all elves and elven friends were welcome to celebrate Linnad am-Meleth with Lindamar of Bar-en-Vanimar, themed through elven music and lyrics.

A musical and poetical celebration of the wondrous beauty of Arda and Yavanna’s creations, our heroes of past and present, our struggles and victories, our near and dear, our missed and departed, and love of life.

(hosted March 11th, 2017)
Carniquesse / Apr 28, 2017

It has been eight years since the launching of first Great Elven Ball. Which started as a one shot, modest and elven centric RP dancing event, aimed to quell hostility and bitterness that was prevalent in the Elven RP back in 2008. And since then and as the years passed it was turned into the longest lasting and (possibly) the largest synchronised dance events in LOTRO. The event, the surroundings, the music, the dances have all evolved and improved from its original setting and through the attendance and supervision of Laurelin Elven Community it has made seven sequels every year between Autumn and Winter. Vanimar proudly presented the EIGHTH!

See the gallery

(hosted 21st November 2016)
Parnard / Sep 07, 2015
When the nights began to turn cooler, and the stars' light brighter and longer, a great feast was held a little way out of the Valley, and to this feast everyone flocked. Some walked and some road, but all had on rich garments of gorgeous hue, while wreaths of flowers or diadems rested on their long hair.

It was the first time for some to be present on such an occasion, and they stood silently aside watching the graceful dances and listening to the music played by the merry people.

In those days feasts were much longer and more splendid than they are now, and heaped on the table was a quantity of wine and delicious food of all sorts, figs and pears with cheese, apple cake, and a great variety of fish and vegetable dishes.

And after the feasting were more dancing and games upon the grass. The Elves made up a grand crowd with their horses caparisoned in gold embroidered cloths, some bred for swiftness, and could gallop far distances without getting tired; and some with magnificent coverings of silk and pearls.

What shouts of joy rang through the crowd, when the victor came riding back again to win the second race!

And when it was all over, the sun was shining brightly again before everyone returned home.