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Fête and Fatality

Parnard / Dec 09, 2014
The wine was passed, and more bottles opened; the honoured guests were greeted, and all drank, ate, talked, and danced to their hearts' delight. Lord Anglachelm’s face glowed with universal benevolence. This time, he was able to enjoy more dancing, with Eliriael calling the steps. It was a welcome respite for the folk of Vanimar, a time to lay aside their worries and cares as they prepare for War.

While these festivities were passing in the Valley, Estarfin, not content with his present state and circumstances, departed alone to seek revenge on the Goblin-folk of the Misty Mountains. Foolhardy warrior? Or high-spirited chaser of glories and ambition? It is said that a great tree attracts the wind, but it is also said that what is stretched will tear, what overreaches will break.

How he is weighed in the balance is yet to be seen, but it seems to some that Estarfin had many examples before of him of pride being humbled in a very awful manner, and yet took no warning by it.


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