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Feast of In-Gathering

Parnard / Sep 07, 2015
When the nights began to turn cooler, and the stars' light brighter and longer, a great feast was held a little way out of the Valley, and to this feast everyone flocked. Some walked and some road, but all had on rich garments of gorgeous hue, while wreaths of flowers or diadems rested on their long hair.

It was the first time for some to be present on such an occasion, and they stood silently aside watching the graceful dances and listening to the music played by the merry people.

In those days feasts were much longer and more splendid than they are now, and heaped on the table was a quantity of wine and delicious food of all sorts, figs and pears with cheese, apple cake, and a great variety of fish and vegetable dishes.

And after the feasting were more dancing and games upon the grass. The Elves made up a grand crowd with their horses caparisoned in gold embroidered cloths, some bred for swiftness, and could gallop far distances without getting tired; and some with magnificent coverings of silk and pearls.

What shouts of joy rang through the crowd, when the victor came riding back again to win the second race!

And when it was all over, the sun was shining brightly again before everyone returned home.


Lovely article and pics! Thanks everyone for making it such a grand event :)
Lilleduil had requested an account, so I gave it my best effort. Thanks to all, especially Eliriael and Danel!
A lovely recounting of last night's great event Mana! You describe Fingolrin exactly like I try to portray him and thank you for that! Kudos to the organisers you brought the joy and fun! More of the same please! :D
Wonderful read Mana, very touching in your descriptions of everyone and Mana's emotions.
Just to clarify, Parn also had quite a large hand in planning the event ICly and OOCly for anyone who wasn't aware ;)
Thanks guys, it was fun :)
Nice! It looks like a lovely time.
Lovely pictures and writing! Glad everyone had a great time, sorry to have missed it :/
It was great fun, you should have been there, Uil! Maybe you'll be the one winning the golden egg next time. ;)
Raolor tries to slap his horse, but it runs off

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