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Parnard / Dec 09, 2014
The wine was passed, and more bottles opened; the honoured guests were greeted, and all drank, ate, talked, and danced to their hearts' delight. Lord Anglachelm’s face glowed with universal benevolence. This time, he was able to enjoy more dancing, with Eliriael calling the steps. It was a welcome respite for the folk of Vanimar, a time to lay aside their worries and cares as they prepare for War.

While these festivities were passing in the Valley, Estarfin, not content with his present state and circumstances, departed alone to seek revenge on the Goblin-folk of the Misty Mountains. Foolhardy warrior? Or high-spirited chaser of glories and ambition? It is said that a great tree attracts the wind, but it is also said that what is stretched will tear, what overreaches will break.

How he is weighed in the balance is yet to be seen, but it seems to some that Estarfin had many examples before of him of pride being humbled in a very awful manner, and yet took no warning by it.
Parnard / Jul 07, 2014

There was a time when the Lord of Bar-En-Vanimar was captured, leaving the ancient and powerful Bar-en-Vanimar without a head.

It was hoped that a sufficiently numerous force would thus be raised and would, by one determined effort, chase after and recover the Lord Anglachelm. The people of Bar-en-Vanimar nobly responded to Lord Veryacano’s summons, and entered into his plans with great celerity.

Lord Veryacano took command of the search effort, and called out the whole of the Order of the Hammer, and put the rest of the volunteers into groups, and it may seem odd to some that there were a few present that were not well-versed in the use of swords or other arms, but such was the strength of Lord Veryacano’s compelling speech, and indeed, it was highly gratifying to observe so many turn out, and see the unity and good feeling evinced by all who wished to see Lord Anglachelm returned.

Having staked the whole of the fortune of the Household thusly, Lord Veryacano rushed his companions out of the Valley with every symptom of desperation. It is not to be wondered at, for the odds were so clearly against us finding Lord Anglachelm; yet everyone placed the utmost confidence in Lord Veryacano’s leadership. Nothing could stop him; indeed, he fearlessly pushed on, despite the efforts of Dun-Men to confuse and thwart his course, or the commands of chieftains of Men, and, as was shown in the courses of the days to come, despite good sense or consideration of what would happen, but these are the habits of desperation.

Our journey was commenced in earnest, and continued during a time of more than two months, with all the zeal to be expected of such a hardy set of travelers, and with as much speed as the nature of the country, which was full of savage men, tall mountains, and wide stretching plains of grass, would permit. And during all that time, such was the lenity of our fortunes, that we met not a single adventure worth recording; though I cannot refrain from mentioning that I fell into a bear-trap, and almost died to poison, after discovering a savage orc ambusher stealthily making his way through the Gravewood. But my discomfort and fear was only momentary; soon I was reunited with valiant friends, the offending orc was dispatched, and the dark forest that contained the detestable trap was soon out of sight, as Lord Veryacano urged us forward. He marched on, unyielding and deaf to all persuasions, and did not relax his speed for about a hundred leagues. Toward the end of the first month, we had some hard days of travel, and nothing but piercing harsh winds and storms as we crossed the mountains.

Everyone marched along quickly, all carrying bags laden with provisions: heavy at first, but growing lighter much too soon, as we traveled further from the Valley. It is said that ‘when things are at the worst they begin to mend,’ and certainly it did appear this way, when the Hammer Lord determined to meet his foes, and die sword in hand. With few provisions, without shelter or horses, the fires of his courage flamed brighter than ever. He refused to give up, and instead of plunging into the deeper wilderness, quite cleverly, he marched us deep into the heart of the country of the Horse-lords, where we did allow ourselves to be taken captive.

A consultation was held betwixt the Lord Veryacano and a noble of the Horse-Lords, but we could obtain no food or other help, it being difficult for the men to obtain provisions for themselves, as they were at war with the Enemy, and with themselves: the heir to the throne had perished, and there was confusion of his death, and of the orders of the King’s counsellor. Rebellion fomented amongst these Men, and some were led to disobedience. Therefore we were permitted to leave; doubtless it was not what the King’s counsellor wished.

Nevertheless, by the indulgence of the Horse-Men we were able to take to our heels, though we had a promise extracted that we would never set foot in their lands again. We had not gone far, when we changed our course, for our quarry was elusive as it was wily, and skulked from one place to another, or hid itself in deep woods by day, to come out again when the dusk made it possible for it to bear the sunlight. At last, we saw a thin trail of smoke, and coming swiftly up, saw the stark signs of battle, and, following the signs which seemed to indicate the hunted had escaped, changed our course northward, for the country of the Green-elves.

Our route was somewhat wayward, with on one side of the trail a jungle of swamp-lands, and on the other side, dark woods, defiled by the Enemy, and all caution was necessary when we neared the Tower of the Necromancer, and saw the first straggling fortresses spread around its feet, and many fortifications built into the foot of the hill; and, lo! swinging high in a gibbet we discovered Belethoriel, who, after we rescued him from his cage, pointed out the place where Lord Anglachelm was held.

Lord Veryacano led the charge, and the guards were dispatched, and others rushing to their aid were quickly overcome, and driven from one archway to another, until the middle of the gatehouse was reached, where the men stood ground. They entertained us with a fierce fight, but were pushed up, or off, the stairs, and by the great resolution and courage of the Lords Veryacano and Tindir, we charged up the stairs. And, at the very top of the fortress, under the light of the waning moon, we saw gathered a group of red-robed Men and remnants of the band of yrch that we had pursued for so long through the wilderness.

I would give an description of the battle, but the fighting was thick, and the stairs leading up to the place where Lord Anglachelm was kept were very tall and narrow. Suffice it to say we won without losing anyone, and indeed, we added one more to our soldiers’ ranks, when we freed Belethoriel. It was a very swift, and very bloody fight, and no doubt, it was the most brazen attack the Enemy had seen for many years. And it was generally observed as a remarkable chance, that Lord Veryacano directed his men to begin the assault just at the time that they did, for if he had waited but a day longer, Lord Anglachelm would surely have perished to the foul blade of the evil Sorcerer.

It was necessary to abandon our position to take refuge in a stealthy flight, not able to abide the field in the storm. The alarm was given, fear and confusion prevailed everywhere, and the slaughter was great: there was no mercy for Lord Anglachelm’s captors. The whole camp was thrown into a panic, and those that were not destroyed or much disabled, were unwilling to follow us, not knowing our number, and being unsure if more angry Elves lurked in the woods. We liberated Lord Anglachelm, and looking upon his maimed body, feared injuries past healing, but knowing every woodland path where we would be secure from spying eyes or slings of the Enemy, we were able to speed away, and arrive, a few hours later, at the edge of the woods controlled by the Malledhrim. Much wearied with the prolonged flight, being short on supplies, and carrying Lord Anglachelm over rough forest trails for miles, we reached Ost Galadh triumphant, but thoroughly exhausted and worn, and even Lord Veryacano found himself compelled to take a rest.

The next day, there were no signs of the Enemy, and no ambushes on the road either, despite the reputed numbers of the Enemy’s forces, estimated to be at least one thousand in number. We were able to get far away and cross the River into the Golden Wood.

Thus Lord Anglachelm was rescued, and if he is any changed at all by his experience, this writer cannot say, being not well-acquainted with his moods, but it is not the partiality of service which induces him to attest that Lord Anglachelm is the most virtuous being whom he has ever known, and his universal benevolence, profound sagacity, and unbounded generosity, cannot be estimated, nor it is possible to express the amount of joy and contentment generated by the recovery of his lordship with mere words. Very few have had the chance to experience such a happy ending from such a sad beginning, and fewer still keep through life with head and limbs intact, but such is the good fortune of the folk of Bar-en-Vanimar. There must be some special reason for it.
Rainith / Jun 28, 2013
Members of the House have gathered in Rivendell this week to remember the lessons our past can teach.

The Order of the Harp, led by Lady Miste, began the event with a reminder of the tragic tales from the Fall of Eregion, while those gathered were encouraged to remember their own parts in these past events. Lady Miste then invited those present to reflect with wisdom on how the lessons of the past can be applied to the troubles of the present.

For a full account of one member's recollections of the event, please see the retelling here.
Rainith / Feb 11, 2013
In the depths of winter, the call to gather in the mountains of Ered Luin came to Rivendell, and for the first time, Vanimar has answered.

The invitation to gather was sent by Duinn Muninn's son, Frerin's son of the Lonely Mountain, who sent out an invite to all those willing to participate in the protection and collaboration of all free folk. Vanimar was glad to send a delegation to share news and plans for future activity, joining members of an unconventional organisation known by some as the Eldariant Alliance.

The gathering was hosted by the dwarves of Thorin's Hall, but attended by representatives from all the free peoples. Vanimar's own delegation was led by the resourceful ambassador Parnard, who has quickly become known among his kin for his silver-tongued ways - a master of words, and one amply suited to such missions. He was accompanied by guards of the Order of the Fountain, who steadfastly protected him from many dangers on the route.

Parnard's excellent and faithful report of the event can be read here.

Rainith / Dec 10, 2012

In an event that has become a grand tradition, Vanimar tonight cast its troubles aside, to celebrate the 5th Elven Ball with its kinmembers and friends.

The elven band Andunie, containing several members of Vanimar among its ranks, entertained the guests with a variety of beautiful music and fun songs. Even the greatest and grandest among the guests found themselves joining the dances, and giving in to the enjoyment of the evening.

Vanimar would like to extend its warmest thanks to all those who came and celebrated such a joyous evening in its Halls. Special thanks must also go to Andunie for their excellent music, Volina's catering team for their hard work throughout the night, and all those who devoted time and energy to making the event such a success - whether as hosts behind the scenes, or guests who truly brought the evening sparkling to life.

Images provided by Parnard of Vanimar, and Tingruviel of More Awesome than Mordor
Rainith / Dec 10, 2012

Strange things are afoot in the valley, as a small group of travellers are known to have left in the early hours in the morning.

The group departed with little notice and much secrecy, leading some to speculate on what their errand may be. It is known that they are led by Lady Danel, who has gathered around her a rather unusual set of fellows. Estarfin's accompanying her may be expected - many in the valley know of their shared past and entwined loyalties, and the scout Belegos is often in close companionship with both, and a useful fellow on any journey through the wilds. Yet with them travel Rainith, newly appointed Caun of Vanimar, and her friend (some say servant) Parnard. Perhaps more surprising was the absence of Rainith's husband Galdorion from the group - their friends say they are rarely seen apart. Whatever the cause of this journey, it must surely be urgent to create such a split.

Those who remained behind had many rumours to pass on - some even claimed that Parnard was so deeply in debt to the vintner, Sogadan, that the group had left to seek a dragon's horde, as the only means by which he could repay what was owed. Others spoke mysteriously of wolves and dangers beyond understanding, and a fight between Lady Danel and Estarfin which was perilous, and near led to the Lady's destruction.

Whatever the truth may be, it is certain that this group plans for a dangerous journey ahead, and undoubtedly whatever they plan, they will face challenges of many kinds in the lands beyond the valley.

Anglachelm / Dec 09, 2012
Dear Kinsmen,

It is evident that the kin roster seriously needs an overhauling. Our standards in kin activity and the current state of the roster sadly does not match. In order to present a more active roster we time to time urged you to cope with the kin schedule in activity and Oaths. On behalf of cauns, I thank you for ze cooperation.

Announcing now on Dec the 9th that we will employ a standard "Das Boot" procedure to the kin Roster one week from now, on Dec 16th. IN that case :

Recruits those who haven't logged/Inactive in last 30 days.
Recruits those regularly logging on, but haven't swear an oath since 60 days of their recruitment date.
Members over 160 days of inactivity. (with the exception of 2 ancient founding members and an ex Tur)

Will be kicked from Vanimar.

If you have a special condition that would affect our boots please reach to any Vanimar caun at earliest convenience and state your situation. We are all humans behind the screen and can understand that RL/Family/Education/etc comes first and present you a solution.

Those who don't care and busy enough to care or doesn't have a moment to log in to the site to get the news (in last 30 days) can get the news when they log in and reach us to revert our decisions. We'll listen them too.

In a week... The boat is ready to go !