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The Orders of Vanimar

In the Age of the Noldor, there were traditionally and culturally divided camps under the banners of the king, known as Elven Houses. Gondolin alone hosted eleven houses of the Noldor at the peak of its glory. (The House of the Mole and the folk of Maeglin is excluded from the other Houses, and never mentioned as if they were ever a part of the city).

Though they were ethnically divided at first, soon the Houses also differed from each other culturally. From their methods of standing against adversity to the majesty of the items they bore and crafted, their differences formed an elegant mosaic which contributed greatly to the rich Noldor tradition. Remnants of the Houses can be found still in the late third age, such as Gildor Inglorion, who was from the House of Finrod, or Elrond himself, who could be counted traditionally as being part of the House of the White Wing of Tuor.

As Vanimar is an inter-houses establishment, which sports minorities from all across Beleriand, the former house members have arranged orders within the house, in an attempt to give life to the age old traditions and disciplines. And to honour the countless eldar who died in defence of their city and people.

There are Three Orders in Vanimar currently, next to some unmentioned dormant ones :

The Order of the Hammer
The Order of the Harp and Pillar
The Order of Arrow